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Vesennyaya Kapel

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Vesennyaya Kapel

Received June 2, 2021. No seedling number, has always been referred to as Vesennyaya Kapel. Parentage: ‘Fairbanks ‘ x ‘The Fawn ‘. Seed planted 2010, first bloomed 2014, first propagated 2018. Has had prior distribution under the name here being registered. Flower form SINGLE, size 6 3/4-7 1/2 inches (17-19 cm), with 2-3 side buds. White, moderately speckled with small dark pink spots. Petals rounded, shallowly notched, cupped, average width of guard petals 2-3 inches (5-8 cm). A tidy boss of pollen-bearing stamens at center, filaments quite broadened and merging into the anthers giving the appearance of Japanese flower form, but pollen is profuse and readily available. Average of 5 carpels, yellowish, very hairy. Stigmas dark pink to reddish with normal anatomy. Fertile. Midseason bloom period. Early foliage green, reddish towards the edges, becomes fully green as it matures. Upright growth habit on strong stems, height 31 1/2-35 1/2 inches (80-90 cm). Named for the impression this flower gives of the first days of spring. The white petals with dark pink speckling, and the fragrance, remind one of the first spring days with warm raindrops and tender scents in the air.

Reference: 2021-Pending