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Victoria’s Powderpuff

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Victoria’s Powderpuff
Tolomeo / Adelman Peony Gardens

Parentage unknown. First bloomed 2003, first propagated 2004. JAPANESE flower form. Multiple blooms per stem (2-5). Flower size to 6½ inches (17 cm). Two rows of medium-pink guard petals, rounded, lightly notched, cupped around a center of staminodes interspersed with narrow strap-like petaloids. Staminodes cream to creamy-pink, edged in yellow. Petaloids creamy-pink. Average of 4 carpels, smooth, red. Stigmas slightly feathered, but fertile. Pollen absent. Staminodal disc well-developed and complete, yellow. Height at maturity 34 inches (86 cm). Upright growth may need support in flower when sidebuds left on. Named by Irene Tolomeo for her granddaughter who admired the flower, and for the likeness to a powder puff.

Reference: 2019 Pending