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Wave Spectrum

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Wave Spectrum
Seidl / Bremer

Received December 15, 2020. Seedling number: Seidl MRV-4. Has had limited prior distribution under number and either Purple Wave or Purple Mountain, two of the several names Bill tried out in his garden notes. Parentage: Rock’s Variety x ‘Shintenchi’. First bloomed 1980’s, first propagated 2007. Early/Midseason bloom. Violet-purple SINGLE, 1 bloom per stem, size 8 inches (20 cm). Typically blooms from the prior year’s numerous axillary buds along stems, rather than the few terminal buds produced each year. Three rows of petals, shallowly and irregularly notched. Reddish-purple flares extend about 25% of the petals’ length. Edges of flares are indistinct, seemingly bleeding along the veins towards the edges of what are essentially white petals, but stopping more or less short of the edges. The colors visually merge, giving the overall violet-purple effect. Pollen-bearing stamens at center, the filaments red-violet at the base, becoming paler towards the tips. Average of 4-5 carpels, pale green, sparsely hairy. Stigmas red, normal anatomy. Fertile. Sheath complete, light reddish-violet in color. No fragrance. Broadly pointed blue-green foliage. Leaflets borne on long petioles, with greater than average spacing. Mature plants have attained 6 feet or more in height in Bill Seidl’s protected garden, with a spread of 5 feet (182 x 152 cm). In Solaris Farms’ open fields, a mature height of 50 inches (127 cm) is more typical. While the name is inspired by a term used in the study of waves, it also references the wavy flower petals and makes partial use of one of Bill’s Garden names for the plant.

Reference: 2021-DIR:45