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Weatherball 90

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Weatherball 90
Lins / Northwestern National Bank

D. E. Blend of pink, salmon and cream. No seedling number nor parentage given. This full double globular flower is a remarkable blend of pink, salmon and cream. It has excellent stems, straight and strong, and stands above average height, 36-40 inches. It is also especially valuable for its early blooming. If it had not won the Bank award it would have ‘been introduced under the name COLOR MARVEL. It will be available to the public in 1963.

*NOTE: 12/03/2023.  ‘Weatherball 90’  plants grown in the United States and Europe are quite different.  During early distibution of the cultivar, different plants were sent to European collectors than those in the United States.  Thus, the two cultivars share the same name and were distributed as ‘Weatherball 90’. After exhaustive research of the two cultivar forms by numerous people, definitive confirmation of which cultivar is the “true” ‘Weatherball 90 has proven fruitless.  Conflicting information in commercial/historical/cultivar descriptions and lack of detail in the registration description are not sufficient to identify the cultivar Lins originally introduced under the name ‘Weatherball 90’.  See images in gallery.  N.B.

Reference: 1962-166:41