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Wendy Walsh

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Wendy Walsh
Walsh / Ó Gaoithín
Lutea Hybrid

TREE PEONY. Parentage unknown, but believed to be a hybrid between P. lutea and P. delavayi. First bloomed before 1960. First year propagated, about 1965. SINGLE. Flowers with 6 or 8 overlapping petals, borne singly or occasionally in pairs, 2¾ – 3½ inches (7-9 cm) across. Leaf-like bracts apparent at base of flower. Flowers give the colour effect of orange flushed peach. Carpels generally three in number, light green. Stigma colour similar to petals. Anthers and filaments a deep mustard yellow. Pollen, but no fertility noted. A medium size shrub growing to about 5 feet (1.5m), with erect woody stems. Foliage borne high on erect branches, leaves deciduous, mid-green, deeply divided into fine segments. Named (with permission) for botanical illustrator Wendy Walsh and originating from her former garden in Lusk, Co. Dublin, dating to the early 1950s.

Reference: 2007-342:057