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William D. Hoard Jr.

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William D. Hoard Jr.
Anderson, R.F.

Parentage: unnamed seedling of ‘Martha W.’ x AT:158-04 (Lutea Hybrid Gp seedling). First bloomed 2006, first propagated 2009. DOUBLE. Flowers one to a stem, 5-6 inches in size. Double red flowers (the only double red member of the Itoh Group registered to date). Stamens with cream colored filaments, no pollen. Carpels are green, smooth, normally 5 in number, surrounded by a cream colored sheath. No fragrance. Plant of upright growth habit, height 26-28 inches. Named for William D. Hoard Jr. (1897-1972), founder of the Hoard Museum in Fort Atkinson, WI. and 3rd Editor of Hoard’s Dairyman, an agricultural magazine established in 1885.

Reference: 2012-361:018