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Winnifred Domme

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Winnifred Domme
Brand, O.F & A.M.

Double type; small; midseason. Guards narrow and widely separated from the center, which is high built and incurved, dark maroon-red throughout; greenish carpels in center tipped red, with pink kernels at base; not fragrant. Floriferous. Foliage narrow, dark and glossy. Flower not so dark as MRS. JOHN M. LEWIS or M. MARTIN CAHUZAC. Rather a well-shaped bloom, as a rule, but slightly rough and unfinished in appearance. “Very distinct color.”—Fewkes. “Bloom of medium size with rounded guard petals that reflex from the globular center of loose, incurved petals. Color intense bright red.. .. Plant medium dwarf, with erect stems and rich, medium green foliage. A desirable landscape variety.”—Little.

Reference: 1928-B-d:150