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Xiao Chun Feng

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Xiao Chun Feng
Liu Yan, Liu Ai-qing, Li Bing-ling, and Gao Jian-zhou

Received January 3, 2021. Seedling number MN-03-154. Parentage: ‘Mini Shaylor’ x ‘Tao Hua Fei Xue’. First year bloomed 2014, first propagated 2016. Midseason bloom period. A loose DOUBLE showing signs of flower-in-flower doubling in which you have petals around the outside, a ring of stamens, a ring of petals originating from transformed carpels (thus the red edging), and then normal petals again. Inside that tuft of petals at center one would expect there to be another set of stamens and carpels, and the fact that seeds are produced suggests that this is so. Petals white, but open with a faint pink hue which soon fades. Two or 3 rows of guard petals, rounded, held flat, with a few rows of smaller petals followed by a prominent ring of pollen-bearing stamens. Transformed carpels near center are accented by bright pink edging. Average of 3 carpels, orange. Stigmas red, normal anatomy, fertile. Pollen-bearing stamens, filaments yellow throughout. Well-developed staminodal disc, white. Fragrant. Foliage red on emergence from ground, at maturity broad-pointed and green. Upright self-supporting growth to 28 inches (72 cm). An unusual expression of the double form but the prominent ring of stamens adds to its charm. Named for its suggestion of a smiling face in the spring breeze.

Reference: 2021-DIR:15