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Yan Ru Yu

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Yan Ru Yu
Zhen Chao, DongJun Mu, JianMin Wang, ShanShan Yan, and Haijun Zhao

Parentage unknown. First bloomed 2020 first propagated 2020. Early blooming SEMI-DOUBLE flowers are white, shaded by very pale purple (RHS 76-D), with light purple flares (N75-B) emanating from the flower centers, and transcending approximately 15% of overall petal length. Flowers are 16cm (6.3″) in diameter and 6cm (2.36″) tall, upward facing, and average one per stem. Guard petals are frilled, and are typically 3.5cm (1.4″) in width. Light fragrance noted. Flowers possess on average six to nine moderately hairy, brilliant yellow-green carpels (150C) with dark red-pink stigmas (NN78-A) of normal anatomy. Stamens are between 1.25-2cm (0.5-0.75″) in length, with dark red-pink (NN78-B) filaments that fade to deep purplish-pink (N78-C) at the tips. Produces both pollen and seeds. Sheath is partial, and is yellow-green in color. Plants reach 41cm (16.14″) at maturity, and carry broadly pointed, yellow-green foliage with purple margins. Foliage at time of emergence is green accented with tones of red. Growth habit is upright, slightly spreading, though mechanical support is unnecessary. In ancient China, “yan ru yu” describes a beautiful teenage girl, and the name reflects the white and pink color of the flower when it is in full bloom, like the face of a teenage girl.

Reference: 2023-DIR:XX