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Yankee Doodle Dandy

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Yankee Doodle Dandy
Smith, D.R.

Parentage: lactiflora Martha W. x Golden Era. First bloomed 2000. Dark pink, rose form, stamens, pollen, no seeds. 2-3 buds per stem, reliable, very good substance, floriferous. Excellent stem strength, 36″ height. Midseason bloom, excellent foliage, disease resistant. Semi-double to occasionally double tree peony type flowers on herbaceous stems. Flowers are a deep attractive pink with cream undertones that fade slightly as the flowers mature, but remain attractive to petal drop. Flowers up to 6″ in diameter have large, very attractive dark plum colored fares. Large number of lateral buds (1-2 per stem) gives long period of bloom of up to 2Vz weeks. Attractive center contains a tight circle of stamens with pink filaments surrounding 4-5 carpels that are a pale green with dark pink stigmas enclosed by a cream colored sheath. Quite floriferous with flowers displayed on excellent upright to slightly arching stems just above and beyond the foliage thus making this a superb landscape variety. Plant is very hardy with stems entirely from below ground over-wintering buds. Excellent dark green foliage which lasts well into autumn. Nice, pleasant fragrance. Seedling # 1C-93-14R.

Reference: 2002-324:37