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First bloomed 2008, propagated 2009. Parentage: P. delavayi x unknown. Selected from a planting of delavayi seedlings grown from seeds collected in the originator’s garden when it was seen to have foliage different from the other seedlings. Pollen parent is suspected to have been an unregistered Heinze Klose lactiflora seedling with the garden name Waldenburg. Flower form is SEMI-DOUBLE with a prominent wreath of stamens surrounding an inner tuft of petals. Some flowers show narrow red petaloids in the stamen ring. Flowers are red, 4 inches in size (10 cm), without fragrance. Average of 10 carpels, bright green, smooth, with red stigmas of normal morphology. A sheath is not visible in the flower though remnants can be found if petals are stripped. It has pollen but no reports on its fertility. No seeds as yet. It is very floriferous having had 25 buds counted on one stem. Roots are woody and a saw is needed for dividing. Foliage intermediate between delavayi and lactiflora but favoring toward lactiflora. Stems much lignified and remain standing over winter well into the following spring. Height to 40 inches (100 cm) at maturity.

Reference: 2013-366:021