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Yuhou Caihong

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Yuhou Caihong
Yuan,Tao; Wang, Lian-ying; Wang Fu; Li,Qing-dao; Shi Yan-tong; Ma Jun
Lutea Hybrid

The name was chosen to convey the registrants’ impression that the beauty of this peony is as a rainbow after rain. Parentage: Paeonia delavayi var. lutea x Paeonia Suffruticosa Group ‘Jitsugetsu-nishiki’. Hybridized in 2005, first flowered in 2009. Seedling number Z5-34-6. SEMI-DOUBLE flower form, to 16 cm (6 ½ inches) in size. Flowers appear orange yellow (RHS 10B), suffused with obvious orangish red at petal margins (RHS 34A). Orange red flares extending about 20% of petal’s length have blurred edges. An average of 8 carpels, green, moderately hairy. Stigmas light yellow, of normal anatomy. Stamens and pollen, but no seeds. Filaments orange-red, lighter towards the tip. Light yellow sheath. Flowers face outwards. Fragrant. Individual flowers bloom 10 days, the plant in bloom 17-22 days. Reliable bloomer, normally two flowers per stem but can sometimes have up to 6 flowers on one-year old branches. Average height at maturity 88 cm (35 inches) with upright growth habit. Established plants are drought resistant.

Reference: 2014-371:013