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Zifeng Shuyu

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Zifeng Shuyu
XianFeng Guo

Parentage unknown. First bloomed 2016, first propagated 2018. Midseason bloomer. ANEMONE flower form, about 5 inches (12¾ cm) in diameter. Three rows of guard petals, purplish red (RHS 67B), with inner staminode petals cream (NN155A), washed very pale purple, darker toward the base, neatly arranged. Staminodal disc pale yellow, but mostly obscure. Carpels variable in number, 4-7, pale green, very hairy. Stigmas very pale purple (RHS 69A). Fertile. Moderate fragrance. Foliage green on emergence from ground. Plant height 21-23 inches (55 cm) at maturity, with upright growth habit having no need of mechanical support. A short variety especially good for landscape use. The name is suggested by the somewhat feathered petaloids from which comes the idea of a purplish red bird combing its feathers.

Reference: 2019 Pending