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Zuchau Lavendel

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Zuchau Lavendel
Ebert / Giessler

No seedling number. First propagated 2010. Early bloom season. SEMI-DOUBLE flower, 6½ inches (17 cm) in size, one per stem, pale purple or lavender (RHS: 78D). Dark aubergine flares (RHS:79A) extend about a quarter the length of the petals. Petals are large, generally rounded, notched, and somewhat ruffled, providing fullness to the flower. Flower fades to white over time. Dark aubergine sheath (RHS:79A) encloses the 5 sparsely hairy, green carpels. Stigmas are red-purple (RHS: 60C) and fertile. Pollen bearing stamens. Filaments white with a purple streak up the center. Some fragrance. Early foliage red on emergence, otherwise typically green, suffused bronze-purple when young. Upright spreading growth to 60 inches (150 cm).

Reference: 2018-385:12