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Zuchau Schneegestöber

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Zuchau Schneegestöber
Ebert / Giessler

No seedling number. First bloomed 1992, first propagated 2009. Early bloom season. White SEMI-DOUBLE flowers are 6 inches (15 cm) in size, one per stem. Dark pink flares extend about 25% of the length of the petals with edges bleeding sharply into the white background. Petals are large, delicately notched, somewhat frilled, and occasionally twisted, the whole giving the impression of restlessness while still remaining a tidy flower. The fully developed white sheath surrounds 7-8 sparsely hairy, very light green carpels. Stigmas are white and fertile. The pollen bearing stamens have creamy white filaments throughout. Some fragrance. Foliage emerges red, matures to green. Relatively low growth to 40 inches (100 cm). The name alludes to the flower petals, white as snow and appearing somewhat disturbed, as if caught up in a snow devil.

Reference: 2018-385:14