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New Cultivar Registration


Electronic Submission

Make peony registration go more smoothly using our online Peony Registration Utility!   The utility requires the same information as the fillable forms, but will be sent directly to the registrar.  For assistance filling out the registration for see:  APS Cultivar Registration Form Explained

Once the registrar receives the information, they will review the data for any additional requirements and verify that the proposed name can be used under the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants.  The APS Registrar may contact you to clarify or make corrections involving the submitted cultivar registration information.  Once the registrar has finalized work, a copy of the registration will be returned to you for final approval.  Upon approval the registration is submitted and recorded.   Later in the year the registration will be published through an APS document that is distributed to the membership, as well as, the online “Registry of Peonies” (found on this website).

Please note:  Registrations submitted late in the year may be processed for publication in the coming year.

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Registration Explained

Please use the document link below for assistance in filling out your new cultivar registration.