Planting: Fall Only-Trust Us

Knowing a Peony’s Growth Cycle is Helpful
  • Peonies should be planted in the fall. Peonies make the majority of their root growth in fall: planting at this time of year insures roots will establish themselves.  Late August through October is quite acceptable in most of their growing zones.
  • IMPORTANT! Spring planted peonies make little if any root growth and will heavily rely on stored moisture to endure the summer months. Spring planting is not recommended and does not provide any gain in plant size for the following year.
  • Peony planting may be carried out throughout the fall season, as long as the soil remains unfrozen. Low air temperatures will not impact root growth.
  • Dig a large planting hole, so that the roots are not crowded. Water newly planted peonies to ensure soil settling and promote root growth. Soil should remain slightly damp until winter.
  • Mulch the plant with wood chips or bark mulch after the soil has frozen.  In early spring, remove the mulch from above the area in which the plant will emerge.  This only needs to be performed on new plantings to prevent frost heaving.

Herbaceous Division Ready For Planting

Woody Peony Ready For Planting

Fall After Planting