Basics for the Roots

Well Drained, Never Wet
  • A good, fertile, garden soil is best for growing peonies. Most peonies tolerate a wide range of soil types and can be expected to grow on nearly any that is supplied.
  • Soil in which sand is the main constituent, may need additional amending and fertilizing for proper performance.
  • All soil must be well drained and should not be subject to wet conditions at any time during the year.
  • Clay soils are highly fertile and will grow peonies, but can also become compacted, causing poor drainage.  Liberal amendments of organic material can help to modify this soil structure.
  • Prepare soil well ahead of planting, by digging deeply (2 feet) and adding amendments throughout the growing area.  Top dressing with amendments does little good.

Early Spring

Healthy and Strong

Good Soil=Good Bloom