Award of Distinction

Award of Distinction

Recognizing Excellence and Advancement in the Genus Paeonia

Woody peony ‘Perfection’. A Lutea Hybrid Group selection.

The Award of Distinction recognizes peonies which exhibit unique and valuable advancements in plant and flower characteristics. The award may be applied to any type of peony and especially woody peonies, with a special focus on rare and commercially emergent cultivars which are deserving of greater exposure.  Through this award the Society’s purpose is supported by forwarding the peony through education and exposure to unique and high-quality cultivars which have not yet become widely available.  Awarded cultivars are not limited to new introductions and may be older introductions which have not received widespread exposure.

The Award is dedicated to hybridizers who have developed peony cultivars which have advanced the genus through their thoughtful work.

The APS, by way of the Award of Distinction, recommends plants of superior quality and uniqueness.   While these plants may be difficult to source, they are among the finest peonies peonies for the garden and/or table.


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