Award of Landscape Merit

American Peony Society’s Award of Landscape Merit

Free Standing and Reliable Beauties For the Landscape

Herbaceous Hybrid ‘Etched Salmon’

Peony cultivars bestowed this award are chosen for superior ornamental value, overall appearance in the landscape throughout the growing season, and reliable performance across North America.  Plants are required to be self-supporting in wide ranging weather conditions and reliably display their flowers.   Special attention is given to foliage quality throughout the growing season.   ALM peonies should provide gardeners and landscapers with superior plants that can be expected to demonstrate excellence in the landscape.  See Additional Resources below for a full listing and images of the Award of Landscape Merit winning peonies.

Woody peonies (tree) are not considered for this award, due to their free standing habits.   While not all woody peonies would be considered good candidates for landscaping, the vast majority are acceptable for this purpose.

Award of Landscape Merit committee contact:  [email protected]

Herbaceous Hybrid ‘Old Faithful’ Demonstrating Outstanding Foliage and Upright Stance

Additional Resources

The ALM peonies are among the finest peonies for the garden and landscape. Learn the specific details of each awarded cultivar.