Gold Medal

American Peony Society’s Gold Medal

Peony of the Year, Flower Par Excellence

The American Peony Society, by way of awarding medals and certificates, has long recognized exceptional peonies. In this scheme of things the Gold Medal has always been considered the ultimate accolade, but as the Society and the interest in peonies have evolved, so too have the criteria by which these medals were awarded. Today, the American Peony Society selects the ‘Gold Medal’ peony for flower beauty and consistency, as well as, commercial availability and market price.

The APS, by way of the Gold Medal, recommends plants on the Additional Resources list ‘Gold Medal Peonies’ as beautiful additions for the garden, display, cut flower arrangement and exhibition.   These are truly some of the finest all round peonies to be found for the general public.

‘Dreamtime’ 2024 Gold Medal Announcement and Information:  HERE

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