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Peony Glossary (page under development)

Terms H-M


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heal or healing

A term that describes a period of time in which a graft’s scion joins through cellular growth to a nurse root.  A period of 2 weeks at a temperature of approximately 80F, in damp conditions is generally viewed as optimal healing conditions.  Numerous methods and variation are used to attain proper healing.  See grafting article for further information.

herbaceous peony

Any peony that produces annual growth and contains no woody parts above the soil surface.

intersectional peony

See Itoh peony

Itoh peony


lutea hybrid

The name given to a group of woody peonies that originated from crosses of P. delavayi x P. suffruticosa.  At one time the yellow form of P. delavayi was classified and named P. lutea.  The lutea hybrids have the largest color variation of any group of peonies, P. delavayi being largely responsible.