Propagation Woody Peonies

Grafting and Starting From Seed

Grafting a Woody

Propagation is the act of increasing the number of plants from a single peony. Sharing a favorite peony with a friend, creating more for the landscape, growing new varieties from seed, or rescuing a classic heritage variety are all great reasons to propagate a ‘woody’.

The primary method of clonal (copying) propagation for ‘woodies’ is through the procedure of grafting, that is the joining of woody peony stem to herbaceous peony root.   The procedure is not all that difficult, but requires practice and skill.

If producing something completely new is desired, then growing them from seed is the method of choice.   Woody peonies are easily grown from seed and the resulting plants are often worthy of the effort.

Division is possible in some cultivars, but is more difficult due to plant configuration.  Generally, dividing woody peonies should be left to the experienced grower.

Whatever method is chosen, all are interesting and will provide hours of enjoyment.  Resulting plants are great additions to your own garden or an admiring friend’s.

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3 Year Old Woody Peony Seedlings

Row of 3 Year Old Grafted Woody Peonies

Additional Resources

Propagating woody peonies is an activity that can supply hours of enjoyment. Learn more about the possibilities.