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APS Commercial Members: Peony Nurseries & Garden Supplies

Serving Peony Enthusiasts with Integrity and Pride

APS commercial members are professional growers and vendors who take pride in supplying the needs of the peony enthusiast. Whether you are looking for plants…labels…garden supplies…or just helpful advice, you’ll find it here.  APS vendors are reputable specialists who take extra effort to provide correct, robust plant material and quality gardening items. As fellow APS members, they commit to Commercial Plant Vendors Code of Ethics (for plant sellers), which include supplying healthy peonies that are accurately identified, healthy and provide accurate information about the cultivars they sell.

Finding that special peony isn’t always easy. However, you’ll increase your chance for success when you buy from one of our expert commercial members.  Each company typically offers an area of specialty, such as  fragrant peonies, cut flowers, herbaceous peonies, woody peonies, Itoh peonies, rarities and many others.  A number of suppliers sell peony-related items and services that may be of assistance for a special need.

Note that the American Peony Society does not sell, make recommendations or guarantee the products offered by commercial vendors.  Terms and conditions of sale are determined by individual vendors.  Please contact vendors with your questions or concerns.

Indicates the vendor has agreed to practice the APS Commercial Plant Vendor Code of Ethics (Code) in good faith.   The Code has been developed to provide a structure in which Commercial Members may educate, demonstrate proper nomenclature (cultivar naming practices) and provide useful information for their customers.  The Code applies to commercial member businesses which grow, sell, resell, or trade peony root divisions, grafts, plants or seeds.  APS makes no guarantees and is not responsible for Commercial Member business practices.  All questions, concerns and compliments should be directed to the Commercial Plant Vendor themselves.   The “Code” may be viewed HERE.


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