Peony Speakers and Presenters

Need An Expert Peony Presentation?


Finding a speaker/presenter knowledgeable in peonies can be difficult and the APS would like to help.  A number of our members are well versed in a variety of peony related topics and enjoy sharing their experience.   Each speaker will have their own style and areas of interest, which can be tailored to a group’s specific needs.   Speakers/presenters will likely have their own fee requirements, travel needs and availability, thus arrangements will need to be worked out with them personally.  Typically the winter months are the best choice for our speakers to present, due to their busy schedules in the spring and fall seasons.   Planning for a speaker to address a group well ahead of time is recommend, as demand is often high.

At this time the APS is working to broaden our available speaker resources and encourage interested parties to contact us or refer possible peony enthusiasts that may be potential presenters.