Floral Design

Art of Using Peony Flowers

Creating Beautiful Arrangements Using Peony Flowers

Floral Design is becoming popular again, after a long lull of inactivity.   Arrangements take on a myriad of forms and have many uses.   Peonies are popular for use in weddings, household bouquets and social gatherings.  The peony is particularly suitable for floral design use due to its large elegant flowers-plus they are often fragrant!

For those that enjoy competition, the APS offers a division for floral design arrangement during the annual Flower Show and Exhibition.   Much like the regular exhibition, competitors are welcoming and willing to guide.  Most floral designs at the competition are composed of excess peony blooms from exhibitors in the flower show, making for a great supply of gorgeous components to work with.

Floral Design at Exhibition

Floral Design Arrangement

Floral Design Arrangement

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Floral Design for Show or at Home

Fact: Most floral designs entered at the Annual Exhibition are composed of unused flowers from the Flower Show.