Peony Species Propagation

Best Practices For Producing More Rarities

Paeonia hybrida. Not a hybrid, but a species. Possible synonym: P. intermedia

Propagation of species peonies is best done through growing seed.   Division is often difficult due to crown and root arrangement or results in plants failing to grow.  However, it is a noble activity that helps protect wild populations from the collection of plants.  Purchase of wild collected species should be avoided at all costs, as this practice diminishes wild populations.

Care and planning are part of propagating these rarities, but can be accomplished by the dedicated gardener.   Seeds are not difficult to grow and some species are more easily grown than others.  Starting out with a common species will provide much needed experience and will likely start an addiction-growing species Paeonia.

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P. lactiflora.   Seeds germinating.

P. officinalis. Adventitious roots.

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